Release Notes - October

What's new?

Here are some details about our latest releases:

 New Features


  • October 4th: You can now rename sections! Take a look.
  • October 7th: Profiles' event data now contains timestamps with the time of the event, showing the exact time with seconds!
  • October 14th: When your File Import fails, its status will be reflected in the Import History tab.
  • October 28th: In the Profile view, you can now see which segments a specific Profile belongs to. Read more about the Profile view...
  • October 28th: We've added a pencil icon in the Segment Builder next to the segment's name to signal that it can be changed directly from there.

Email tool

  • October 23rd: The Email Editor elements now allow you to include attributes as parameters in your links! Take a look.
  • October 30th: You now have the option to choose a mobile layout for the Icon Menu element in the Email Editor.

Marketing Automation tool

  • October 11th: Marketing Automation nodes now contain a link to the Knowledge Base where you can read more about the nodes and their settings! 

SMS tool

  • October 8th: The SMS tool Activity Page now shows a timestamp on when the activity was last edited! Hover over the date to see the exact time.





  • We have, overall, fixed a few errors in spelling, text content and design across the platform.


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