New in Marketing Automation!

 What's new?

New nodes for your Marketing Automation flows and a lot of big improvements!

New nodes in the Marketing Automation tool: stay relevant, be reactive.


Notification Node

Alert a specific person in your organisation when a Profile reached a certain point in your flow. Imagine you have a flow set up to identify inactive Profiles or Profiles that haven't interacted with your brand's website or communications in a while. Or maybe you have a series of "training emails" sent out to promote a positive learning curve with the services or solutions you provide.

Use the new Notification Node in Marketing Automation in your flow! If a profile hasn't opened the emails in a while, the notification can go directly to the person in charge of those customer Profiles.  Then, they can reach out to the customers behind the Profiles and make sure that they're not stuck with a challenge that hinders them from making the most out of your services. Read more...




SMS Node

Use SMS messages as a communication channel in your Marketing automation flows. Do you have a very important message for your VIP Profiles?

In a case where certain Profiles didn't open an important email, why not try a different communication channel? Send a quick SMS message to touch base and make sure that your message comes through. Read more...




Webhook Node

A user-defined callback that is triggered when a particular event occurs. A Webhook (sometimes called a web callback or HTTP push API) is an application that provides other applications with valuable real-time information. It delivers data as they happen. With a Webhook node you can either send or fetch data, which makes this method flexible for multiple APSIS One uses. Read more...




 Marketing Automation Tool Improvements


Flow Overview

Get an overview of your Marketing Automation flow's nodes and configurations of an active Marketing Automation flow.



See the detailed configuration of your nodes by using the Overview feature in the Bottom bar of the activity page in the Active & Paused tab of the Marketing Automation tool.




Canvas Size

No more running out of canvas with your complex Marketing Automation flows. The Canvas now adapts and automatically expands in size, so that you can easily build long and complex flows with a great overview and user experience.




Flow Templates and Email Templates

No need to create an email from scratch when using a previously saved template. When you save a Marketing Automation flow as a template, emails also get saved in the flow so you can use your original email in the new flow without having to start from the beginning with layout and content.




Email Report Data

Stay on top of your Email Node's performance. While in the flow Overview, locate your Email Node and click See email report to display a popup with the sent, delivered, opens and clicked stats.



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