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This article is directed to Admin Users, who will have the responsibility of making sure that these settings are aligned with their brand as well as their marketing goals and efforts.

If you're not an Admin User, these settings are not available to you. Please refer to Settings for articles about the settings that are available for you.


About Domains

A domain is a website that corresponds with your brand and belongs to your business. It is added into APSIS One as a part of a section, which is where Admin users can set up preferences related to attributes, tags and find the tracking script. Read more about sections...


Here's some basic information about domains.

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Adding a Domain

How to Add a Domain

1. Expand a Section.



Have you not set up your section yet? Jump to Data Sections...


2. Review the information in the Domains & Tracking Script tab.



3. Enter a domain name under Add your domain name here.



4. Enter the domain URL under Add your URL here. In order to ensure that the domain will work effectively with APSIS One, enter your URL in the following format: "".



5. Click Verify domain.



6. Your domain will initially show as pending. When it has been verified, it will show as verified.



Editing a Domain

How to Edit a Domain 

1. Locate the domain you wish to edit.



2. Click on the pencil icon on the right end of the domain name container.



3. Make your changes.



4. When finished, click on the green checkmark icon.



If you wish to discard the changes, click the x.



Removing a Domain

How to Remove a Domain 

1. Locate the domain you wish to remove.



2. Click on the X icon on the right end of the domain name container.



3. Are you sure you wish to remove this domain? If yes, click Delete.

Otherwise, click Cancel.





About the Tracking Script

The tracking script is a piece of code that allows your website to feed data into APSIS One. For us to gather data and give you fitting insights, you must install it. It will be used to gather web statistics for your websites, and it will also allow us to display the cookie banners, sign-up bars, etc. created with APSIS One.

Make sure that it's been installed in the head section of your website, for an optimal performance.



Here's some basic information about the script.

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Reviewing Script Status

How to See the Script Status

Review the Status of your script—whether the data is being received or not. It might take up to 48 hours for your tracking script to point to APSIS One.



This is what every tracking script status means:

Pending: APSIS One is checking your domain(s) in order to make sure that the tracking script is installed correctly.

Wrong script: It seems like you have installed the wrong script in your domain(s). The tracking script installed belongs to a different section.

No script: There is no tracking script in your domain(s).

No data received yet: The tracking script has been successfully installed but no data has been fed into APSIS One. You must install or connect a cookie banner in order for the tracking script to feed data into APSIS One.

Connected: You have successfully installed the tracking script in your domain(s) and is collecting data.


Is something wrong? Double-check that you installed your script properly. If it still doesn't work, please contact support.

Installing the Tracking Script

How to Install the Tracking Script

The following instructions are for admin users. To see how to access the tracking script for non-admin users, head over to Account Settings.


1. Open your Account Settings and enter Data Sections.



2. Expand the desired section.



3. Click Copy tracking script, and paste it into the head section of your main HTML page. This will track all of the subpages as well.



The tracking script is unique to your section.


4. Review the status of your script. It might take up to 48 hours for your tracking script to be fully functional.



Your tracking script will only show as Connected once the cookie banner is feeding data into APSIS One. Until then, it will show No data received yet. Read more about cookies...





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