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About Profile Tags

Tags are internal markers that can be applied to profiles. They can be created from your account settings. 

To find Profile Tags, head over to the Information Centre, click on Account Settings and click on Profile Tags.



These are the main differences between attributes and tags:

  • Tags, themselves, do not contain data. Attributes can be understood as being something like "type of data = data" (gender = female) while tags are more like "Label = on / off" (either label is applied or it isn't).
  • Profile tags can be applied manually. Attributes, on the contrary, gather the data automatically and feed it into the profile. In order for a profile to have a tag, a user must apply the tag. Alternatively, if a file containing profile data is uploaded, they can be tagged in advance.
  • Tags are internal and the relevance of a tag depends on its creator. For example, if a user imports profiles with the File Import Wizard and tags them as "Special Import 19", then it will be possible to filter the recipients of an email send-out to make sure only those profiles tagged receive the email.



Here's some basic information about creating and editing Profile Tags.

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Creating a Profile Tag

How to Create a Profile Tag

1. In the Information Centre, open your Account Settings and navigate to Data Sections.



2. Expand the section you want to create your tag in.



3. Open the Tags tab.



4. Click Add New Tag.



5. Write your tag text in the input box.


6. Done? Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to discard them.



Editing a Profile Tag

How to Edit a Profile Tag 

1. Locate the profile tag you wish to edit.



2. Click on the pencil icon.



3. Make your changes.


4. Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to discard them.






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