About the Email tool

Boost your customer engagement with the power of effective communication.

With the APSIS One Email tool you can launch large-scale campaigns or target specific profiles with our intuitive and powerful Email tool.
Make use of cross-channel data to personalise messages that makes your brand stand out above your competition.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to turn your creative ideas into stunning emails. The conversational style wizard guides you along the way, and creative assets allow you to build your own library of customised blocks of editable email content. Create your very own library of images, text areas and content to ensure flexibility and a consistent brand experience.

Work with your campaigns in a scalable, yet personal way leveraging efficient workflow of the email tool in combination with the power of segmentation through our audience pillar. Every interaction and click counts, and helps you learn more about what makes your audience come back to your brand over and over again.





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