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Toggling sections will allow you to better sort and assess the profiles from your different domains in the Audience page. Click on the arrow next to the domain name on the top right corner above the lists to see your different sections.

Only admin users can edit sections. Here's where you read more about sections.




Search Bar 

If you're ever feeling a little lost, use the search bar to find what you're looking for. This is only to search within Audience. For global search, see the Information Centre.





This is the first tab displayed once you enter Audience. 



A profile is a container of information tied to an individual, which can either be unknown or known. They're composed of four kinds of data: attributes, events, tags and consent channelsJump to the Profiles tab...






To access this area, click on the Segments tab.



A segment is a number of profiles grouped based on a condition. Segment conditions can be properties, like default and custom attributes, and events like website interactions and response data. Segments must be created in order to address particular groups of people.

The existing segments will be shown in a list, and well as the number of profiles and the date the segment was created. Jump to Segmentation...




Consent lists

To access this area, click on the Consent lists tab.



This area makes it easier for you to manage the Consent lists associated with the data from profiles who gave cookie consent or personal data, depending on the specific Topic chosen, preferred channel and which website they visited.

Manage your lists, the amount of consents given and the last date you were given consent. Jump to the Consent list page...






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